Everek Holdings Pty Limited specialises in advanced techniques to repair damaged concrete.

Concrete Repair Systems

  • Spalls
  • Concrete Crack Repairs
  • Cross Stitching of Cracked Concrete Slabs
  • Joint Sealing to Cracks & Joints
  • Water-proofing of Concrete Structures

Spalls Repairs are small or large chunks of concrete damaged or missing from slabs that can be repaired with Everek SRE/S to reinstate a safe surface.

Concrete Crack Repairs, grind crack to provide a clean, dry surface for joint sealants to seal the slab from water ingress.

Cross Stitching is a process of drilling holes through a cracked slab and filling the hole with epoxy inserting a steel bar to stop the crack in the slab from becoming any wider.

Joint Sealing to concrete slabs ie. Cracks, expansion joints, precast concrete and live cracks.

Water-proofing of all concrete structures ie. Roofs, balconies, parapet walls, garden planter boxes, bathrooms, industrial plants, bund walls, tank linings.

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